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Ready to own your dream home? Don’t be shy, let’s get pre-approved today with Summit Mortgage. It’s easier than finding the perfect avocado!

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Stop renting and start owning! Say goodbye to throwing money away on rent each month and hello to building equity in your own home. Say goodbye to Landlords Today.

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Stop Swiping Left on National Lenders, Swipe Right on Local Roots – Summit Mortgage is Your Hometown Mortgage Solution Since 1992!

First-Time Buyer Programs and DPA

Ready to buy your dream home but don’t have the cash? Let Summit Mortgage get you pre-approved for a down payment program or a low down payment loan! Say goodbye to your landlord and hello to homeownership.

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Do you want to know the current interest rate? With our easy-peasy form, you’ll be on your way to mortgage nirvana faster than you can say “housewarming party.” Don’t be shy, give us a try!

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Ready to Buy(down)? Let us help you decide between temporary buydowns and permanent buydowns! Start your pre-approval today and feel confident in your mortgage options.

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Get the Seller’s Choice with your pre-approval. Offer the seller a $10,000 guarantee or a Cash Offer if we don’t perform.

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Ready to Feel Smarter Than the Average Homebuyer? Visit Summit’s ‘What We Do’ Page Now! Discover all the mortgage options we offer, and leave the confusion at the door.

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Home Search – HomeBot – Buyer

Need a little extra help with your home search? Try our FREE homebuyer search report. HomeBot Buyer Digest is your custom home search report for your next purchase.

Home Digest – HomeBot – Owner

What’s Homebot Home Digest? It’s just a full comprehensive report of your home wealth. Value, equity, sales comparison, trending information, loan positions, investment breakdowns, loan scenarios, realtor expert support, and much more in one report prepared once a month for you…for free.

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Mortgage Coach Presentation

Are you a visual person? We can prepare a full presentation breaking down all the details of a loan in a beautiful presentation that you can access anytime. We can compare multiple loan scenarios, give you rent vs own breakdowns, rate of return on your investment, and much more!